Why am I "Dr. Mommy Green"?
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Why am I "Dr. Mommy Green"?

In the Fall of 2016, I started my doctoral program at the University of Miami. This is the Higher Education Leadership program where I focused my attention on Students with Disabilities and their use of accommodations. This topic is very important to me because I grew up with a hearing disability and struggled with self-confidence and self-acceptance until my mid-20s. 

While I was in the doctoral program, I got pregnant with my son, Theo. I was put on bedrest at only 22 weeks gestation. This put a pause on my studies, but I was able to come back strong after Theo was born. I caught up with my schoolwork and worked on my dissertation, "Effects of Institutional Factors on College Students' Self-Disclosure of Disability Status and Their Utilization of Disability Services". Only 7 months after Theo was born, I got pregnant with my daughter, Millie. I pushed through the nausea, the baby at home, and the raging and changing hormones. 

I was able to finish my doctoral program on time, even after taking a 6 month sabbatical. I was the second person in my cohort to defend my dissertation and I walked across the graduation stage when I was 7 months pregnant. 

Everyone in my cohort, including my teachers, called me "Dr. Mommy" and I could not be prouder of myself. 

Your friend,

Justine Green, Ed.D.