Benefits of BUBBLES

Bubbles aren't just for fun, there are many positive benefits of using bubbles with children and babies. 

Playing with bubbles aids with the development of:

fine motor skills: the ability to complete tasks with the use of the small muscles in our hands and fingers.

gross motor skills: the ability to skillfully use your large body muscles to complete movements.

spatial awareness: an awareness of how their body can move in space and understanding directional concepts such as "up, down, over, under"

sensory processing: bubbles are an easy way to introduce sensory play to your child. They can see the iridescent colors of the bubble. They can feel them as they pop on their hands and bodies. Asking what they see and feel will help children learn how to communicate what they are experiencing.

hand/eye coordination: the ability for the eyes and the hands to work together to complete specific movements.

visual tracking: the ability to control your eye movements when following objects

oral motor skills: the movements of the muscles in the mouth, jaw, tongue, lips and cheeks.

respiratory recovery: if your child is recovering from a cough or cold, blowing bubbles helps expand, aerate, and oxygenate the lungs

Overall, bubbles create a fun space for socialization, understanding the world around them, and for the development of important skills. Interacting with your little one during play helps initiate the benefits associated with using bubbles. 

Please make sure the wand is not small enough to be a choking hazard and that the bubbles are either taste-safe or non-toxic. 

Have fun and be silly!

Your friend,

Justine Green, Ed.D.